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Dear Customer, Thank you for allowing us to serve you. We want to make you aware of a new plant-based green chemistry we use called nanoMAXX. It not only cleans extraordinarily well, it does it with OSHA’s best health and safety rating, which is a 0. This means it is non-toxic to people, pets and even plants. So, now we can offer you a terrific cleaning job with a green product that will not cause any harm to you, your carpets or other materials. It’s even a neutral pH and is safe for wool. nanoMAXX is made from food-based plants and through the manufacturer’s proprietary processes that unleash the power of food into an incredibly powerful and super safe new cleaning technology. This technology enters the realm of quantum physics with its super small particle size which allows nanoMAXX to break up hydrocarbons and other soils faster and better than ever before — giving you a superior result. With so many people now suffering from MCS, (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) due to the introduction of over 80,000 mostly untested synthetic chemicals since the 1950s, you now have a superior green option with our service as we use this exciting new advancement in green colloidal nano technology. And if all that is still not good enough, it does not cost more and we can use it with any of our cleaning methods. We look forward to giving you your quote and beginning the cleaning process. Just sit back and let us do the work. We’ll be done quickly so you can enjoy your great looking, freshly-cleaned interior environment.Type your paragraph here.

Product Features


Hypoallergenic/Anti-Allergen Green Formula
Contains no hazardous components under current OSHA definitions
97% BIO-BASED Product Ingredients
Plus, a DFE Approved Surfactant
0 Health Rating, 0 Flammability & Ecologically Friendly
Non-ionic – Safe for Stain Resist Materials
Safe on all carpet fibers including wool
Plant-based Green Solution
Best organic carpet cleaning detergent Product